The Migrapreneur Network creates community by exchanging innovative best practices and holistic support to migrapreneurs. To this end, we bring different sectors together.

These sectors will support expand and boost the access to resources, network building and opportunities for all our members.

Thus, we are changing the narrative of the real impact that migrant entrepreneurs can make in their host community by learning from each other.

Types of Memberships



Basic: Migrants starting their venture and with no access to funding

Premium: Migrants more advanced in their ventures willing to contribute to develop other migrapreneurs



Basic: Business interested in the topic and willing to contribute to develop other migrapreneurs

Premium: Large -sized business interested in boosting internal innovation and intercultural literacy


NGO/ Governmental

Basic: NGOs and institutions connected to the topic and willing to contribute to develop other migrapreneurs

Premium: NGOs and institutions connected to the topic and interested in the impact migrants have in the local economy



Mentors, coaches and trainers willing to dedicate hours to share their expertise with growing migrant businesses



Investors interested in the migraeconomy and looking for new ventures where to invest


How long does my membership last?

Your investment for the growth of this network is renewed every month. Get in touch with us for discounts on our yearly membership.

How can I pay for my membership?

You can pay for your membership in cash, card or bank transfer.

What are the premium benefits of pitching my business during the Migrapreneurs Network selected events?

  • Targeted market for businessmen and migrapreneurs
  • Allow your target market to experience your brand
  • Brand positioning among the business & migrant community
  • Possibility of sale and / or demonstration of your product during the event
  • Speak at the event to launch a new product/ programme or a promotion for attendees.
  • Recommendation by the attendees (word of mouth advertising)
  • Being recognized as one of our partners and supporters for migrant and refugee entrepreneurs

Is my membership tax deductible?

Only when presented as a donation

Do you have any contact e-mail in case I have doubts about my membership?

Of course, you may contact alejandro@migrationhub.network, info@migrationhub.network

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