Q: What is the difference between Migration Hub Network and Migration Hub Berlin or Migration Hub Heidelberg?

Migration Hub Network represents the overarching structure.

a. It offers the Migrapreneur Training and Mentorship programme as well as support to social projects that are members of our network.

b. Through matchmaking MHN boosts the collaboration between social projects in the field of migration around the world and promotes a unique ecosystem and community.

c. It provides consulting services to companies, non-governmental and governmental institutions.

Migration Hub Berlin and Heidelberg provide the space in which social projects can base themselves out of and it offers them the opportunity to host events and meetings.


Q: Is Migration Hub a co-working space?

Umm.. well from afar when visiting Migration Hub Berlin it may look as so but no not at all! Our activity extends far further than offering a co-working space to social entrepreneurs whilst our end goal is not to offer a co-working space. Rather we aim to support social entrepreneurs, offering mentorship and the space to work when they need that back up. We ask for monthly contributions, but not a fixed amount like a co-working space would do.


Q: How do we gain revenue?

Actually we want to first state that transparency is a primary goal. The main revenue income is from grants we have to run our Migrapreneur Programme and from all the events we hold. Secondary to this, our hubbers give contributions to help support the hubs with all the daily costs involved - cleaning to printing paper!


Q: Under which conditions do we accept funding?

Yes we have said no to funding when linked to sources, which we simply cannot accept - war weaponry is the first example that springs to mind from past experience!


Q: How to make a donation to Migration Hub and what do you with it?

Migration Hub survives thanks to individuals support. Our physical spaces are rented to be offered for free to migrants and with significant discounts to social projects -eternal no money- This is why we organize events and do consulting projects to cover the majority of our expenses. Every month, Migration Hub needs to raise around 5.000 Euros to offer spaces and materials needed for workshops and events.

If you want to donate, for now, you can simply transfer money to our bank account

IBAN: DE15100205000001616101


Afterwards, you can claim with us (info@migrationhub.network) your tax-deductible quitting. Soon our new bank will offer you a better solution for your donations. Thanks for your support, thanks for your donation!


Q: Why was MHN founded?

It was 2016…. We were in Europe, Germany… do some googling!


Q: What has MHN achieved?

Migration Hub Berlin was named one of the 100 Landmarks of Germany by the German Program Land of Ideas for its inclusive approach and being a place of reference.

Our exchange programs with social entrepreneurs and fostering migrant integration meant that we won the Shimon Peres Prize, awarded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We have impacted over 2,300 social entrepreneurs and 100 migrant entrepreneurs. 


Q: Why do we always speak English if you're based in Germany?

We don't speak in English, we speak more than 10 languages on a regular basis. We have chosen English as a common language to connect and work with all our members from all over the world. The team of MHN speaks German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Arabic, and we make sure that some programs and events are run in their respective language. We work with Migrants :)!

One step at a time, we will translate this website and our materials to all the languages for everyone to feel included!