Migration Hub successfully executed and finished a 2-year European project, co-funded by the European Commission. This project supported 82 refugees and created 30 new businesses. As a result, Migration Hub developed the Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs, which we're focusing right now. Thanks to that two years, we learned that:

  • Migrants are entrepreneurial and most of them are seeking for job opportunities.

  • Migrants are struggling having access to financial support and ways to access capital.

  • But we identified that one way how other regular successful entrepreneurs manage is because they are part of a network, family or a circle of old friends, university colleagues, migrants arrive mostly knowing people like them, without much opportunities and not-well positioned.

  • We also learned that 50% of those migrants and refugees taking programs and training opportunities in entrepreneurship are looking for job opportunities, therefore their ideas don't really prosper.

    We aim to change this and we need your help!

We want to offer them the capacity to thrive and to find within our network opportunities to grow. How are we planning to do so?

Your contribution matters. The 2 year project already executed, hasn’t been fully paid, yet, due to bureaucratic reasons. With the reimbursement were planning a series of events to make our network intentionally, based on our experience.

  • Every event cost 4.600 EURs and is aimed to be organized every 3 months.

  • We do host, thanks to other partners, monthly meet ups with a cost of 500 EUR.

  • In total, to shape the Network Migration Hub would need to raise 12.200 every 6 months.

  • Staff costs were reduced and operational costs as well, so we can focus in the near future to raise for one thing only: Capital for migrant entrepreneurs.

Help us get through it, help us making this happen. Reach out to us, and walk the talk with us. We have done a lot with little resources, imagine when migrants can finally get financial support.

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We connect Migrant Entrepreneurs to different sectors like Corporate, NGOs/Governamental, Investors and Specialized Experts to boost their businesses


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